Saturday, June 1, 2013

Baby Marco is here!

Baby Bean, now Marco Alexander, was born on his due date of May 21st, 2013 at 11:40 p.m. weighing six pounds three ounces and measuring 21 inches long!

 photo 8821091060_cf117c42f9_zps1fc3ce82.jpg

His birth story will be very long. There were some complications during the birth on his end that led to him being transferred to Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, FL, but we have been home for almost four days now and little man is recovering well for now.

Pregnancy Week 40

Us at 39 weeks and 5 days - Less than 48 hours before my water broke!
 photo 8821229866_bd33081f20_zps048f044e.jpg

- This week we had another appointment. I had no weight gain, yay! We did another cervical check and it went better than last time. Jimmy came in to hold my hand. It is is softening and cone shaped, with the inside opening but not the outside. I would like it to be as close to go time as possible, but again, it's not a totally accurate labor predictor. The good news is that my body is at least preparing and making necessary changes for delivery. 

- My big concern with delivery is the rippin' and the tearin'! I already had bleeding after the cervical exam! The state of 'down there' post delivery has always been one of the things I've looked forward to least and I've talked about getting all my stuff for post delivery ready and how bad that was! I've decided that I am going to get the epidural because I expect to tear or need an episiodomy and I don't want to feel that. Luckily  my Dr. says they rarely do them and they use I believe mineral oils and hot compresses! Very cool! Not sure if I mentioned it, but I ideally did not want the epidural. I knew I would end up with one, but I didn't want one. I am a little weary of how it will affect me. Now that it's closer and I realize how sensitive it is down there and how highly people recommend it, I will be getting the epi for sure! 

- I go back for a non-stress test on my due date with a male doctor I've never met because my midwife is completely booked and the other doctor is on vacation. Apparently everyone is due this week! At my last appointment the nurses were sorting magazines because all the patients who had appointments were delivering and canceled leaving them with free time! Anyways apparently the test is an internal ultrasound and they will check both of us and decide on whether to induce or wait. Hopefully he will come by then because I'm not looking forward to an internal ultrasound. I want everything to be coming out that way, not in!!!

-I had cramping for a few minutes here and there last week, then a day full of braxton hicks ten minutes apart followed by major cramping for two days followed by crickets! 

- Swelling has been less painful in the morning which is great! Instead I've had awful pressure and burning in my chest! I'm worried if he is moving upward instead of downward! I can't wait to see how long he is and kiss his tiny feet that have been making me so uncomfy!

- We put the car seat in the car on Friday! The base was in but not the car seat and I seriously saw myself forgetting it!

- Jimmy had two days off in a row and I was so hoping he would come then! He didn't, so instead we've just been walking around and shopping. He's been spoiling me with some jewelry and a hand bag. I can't wait to go back to school shopping! I don't think any of my old clothes will fit my boobs! Plus I want to throw away all the yoga pants and dresses I've been living in my entire pregnancy and longer and start fresh! 

- For the last few months at least, Bean has always gotten hiccups about three times a day, everyday. I've posted some videos of them. Personally, I hated when he got the hiccups. They were kind of annoying and honestly just felt weird! They say the babies get hiccups to help develop their lungs and that it isn't as bothersome for them as it is for an adult, but he squirms so much when he gets them that I have a hard time believing that he's not discomforted at all. Luckily, this week I've noticed a huge decrease in hiccups ! Now when I feel them I'm surprised by them again because they've become far less routine. Hope this means my babies lungs are good and ready! 

Baby Buys:
Couldnt resist this monkey for my diaper bag
 photo f1e8424cbf6b11e2842d22000a1f9ada_6_zpsd4c3f1f5.jpg

I think Bean HATES mustard and honey mustard. These movements are pretty normal for him, but he moved like that for like an hour until I took a nap after I ate honey mustard. For a while I thought he didn't like onions even though I craved onions.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pregnancy Week 39

Here we are at 39 Weeks and 0 days
 photo 8740237920_a0e400a44e_b_zps7adc83ec.jpg

39 Week updates:
- I can not believe my pregnancy is almost over! No more baby updates, no more surprise jabs from bean and hopefully no more burning throat, swollen body parts  or annoying facebook comments of people telling me what I can and can not do while pregnant or "once I'm a mommy". Most annoying thing ever! That and people being surprised at how far along I am really bugged me. It has always been the same conversation with strangers. I am ready so I don't know why they feel I should be less close to delivery. There are just some people who have to comment on everything and I try really hard to ignore them! I don't even want to talk to some people because they think they know everything. My life, my body, my baby. I wish people would get a handle on their own weight and addictions before they tell me how to be healthy and safe by their standards. END RANT!

- One mylar balloon from the baby shower finally fell - a month later!

- I hated this weeks appointment! Not only are they repatative, I have no more questions left and would rather have my baby than drag my ass there! Anyways, they did the first cervical check and I could barely handle it. It was so painful, she really didnt get much of a feel, but it is softening. It's not a truly scientific prediction of when labor will begin anyways. But she was very surprised at how low he was getting - very good! She also called him wild when he was wiggling and she was getting his heartbeat. Yes, I think he will be very wild! Then we just talked about the induction process. If my due date passes, they will send me to the hospital over night and I believe give me some kind of medication to work on my cervix and then as long as that is going well, they will give me pitocin in the morning. Here's hoping we don't have to do that, but I am prepared for it. I don't see him being easy!

- Swelling at this point has been horrible and I feel very sick and achy like the flu for a few hours every morning. Usually Jimmy takes a swim and massages my feet in the pool before he goes to work. It takes a few hours for me to be able to move my legs, hands, and feet everyday!

- I am writing this update at exactly 39 weeks. Yesterday I had a lot of consistent braxton hicks contractions and they were ten minutes apart up until this morning. Very few today and I'm not timing them, but I have had constant dull period cramping all day. I am hoping this means Bean will be coming soon on his own and I wont have to be induced next week! I've been having bh contractions for a few days. Everything feels like its pressing up which is just my uterus tightening and hardening. They are usually accompanied by the flushing feeling. They aren't very painful at all, but a little uncomfy. Sometimes I have a little more pain, it started at the top of my uterus, but now if there's a painful feeling it is very low, which is good in my opinion  Also from the front it literally feels and looks like Bean might just slide right down my body! He is so low!

- I loved having cocoa butter in a stick form - so much less greasy and oily. I used this one all up and am so glad to not have to smell cocoa butter!

 photo aae9e872b8d711e293a222000a1fb70a_6_zps906b1c19.jpg

Baby Buys:
Had to get these for $1. For the races when he is much bigger!
 photo a2d82514bce111e2bcc022000a1fcf26_6_zps559008d6.jpg

Also, bath toys!
 photo cbe4f8e6bce211e2ab6b22000aa8004d_6_zps40fd7930.jpg

Sun hat my mom got him. She also bought a set of play yard sheets my mom insisted I have!
 photo ed0861c6bd8611e2b8a622000a1fbdb1_6_zps492b04dc.jpg

Got another free collage!
 photo 8723619911_44ea320837_o_zpse4133ec4.jpg

Kind of sad this is my last month that will look like this. I used this month at a glance just for the purpose of tracking my pregnancy in weeks and had some dr appointment, class and ultrasound stickers throughout the months.I loved ticking off the days and counting down to whatever was planned next, even just turning another week along.

 photo null_zpse54240f4.jpg

Monday, May 13, 2013

Our Hospital Bags

Lots of research went into what we were going to bring. It's a big thing on Pinterest and Youtube. I only packed things that I think we will use or will make the whole time I'm there easier. There were some things like slippers that I almost bought, but $15 on a nice pair of slippers felt like a waste since I would never wear them again at home. I bought flip flops and socks instead.  Anything that I end up needing one of my family members can grab either from home or from the Kmart next to the hospital. No biggie!

I will start with Bean's bag. His bag holds all my nursing things, his clothes, and some things for him just in case. I know the hospital will supply a lot of things for him too.
 photo null_zps20052b89.jpg

- My breastfeeding guide, which I will likely reference and study up on! So nervous for breastfeeding!

- Pacifier and case. I heard this is a must for the 30 minute ride home so incase we lose any they give us, I know I have one. I may not even use pacifiers until he has a good latch, if at all, but we will see. I would rather have it than not.

- Baby on Board window cling we got at our shower. This may be the only time we use it, not sure if we will be able to see it with the tint either.

- Wipe case with one newborn diaper and travel wipes. Would feel better having this, especially on way home. I do not want him to sit in poop - ever!

- The white and black lump of fabric is my breastfeeding cover.

- His outfits are all in labeled bags with matching hat, mittens, and bib. Who knows if he will wear them, but I packed the blue and tan outfit for coming home in 2 sizes, an orange basketball / Orlando Magic one for visitors, and a blue pj set for nighttime. I don't know how to dress an umbilical cord or circumcision so we will see!

- Two blankets. One with cars for some cute photos and one with doggy prints. The one with doggy prints is the one we are going to get his scent all over and bring to Bella so she can get used to his scent so he is not brand new to her the moment we get home.

- One Burp Cloth - packed just in case the hospital ones may be gross. I heard they are re-used.

- A baseball for his hand print!

- The breastfeeding supplies I am bringing are soothies (ice packs), lanolin and disposable breastpads. Not sure if I will use them but bringing them anyways. I want to have everything possible to help me feed him!

My hospital Bag:
We can start with the miscellaneous stuff:
 photo 2e0d10f1-fd91-44bb-8d10-f4df2f48d4f8_zps12d47025.jpg
- Electronics in front pocket: Headphones, lap top case to toss the lap top in, camera with its charger, batteries and USB.

 photo null_zpsc3f8beb0.jpg

- It's a boy mints, chocolate and bubblegum cigars.

- Gum and sugarless hard candies for when I can't actually eat solids during labor.

- Singles and quarters for vending machines

- Phase ten card game

Now my stuff: 
 photo 3f510112-0063-4c56-80f4-fb72408f192a_zpsc57260ac.jpg

 photo 62519684-698f-45c1-ba46-212f93093863_zps73929743.jpg

- Brand new flip flops, a reusable shopping bag to take things home with us, two pairs of socks, plenty of after delivery granny panties and pads, a bag for dirty clothes and a plastic one for anything that gets soiled, two soft comfy bras, my nightgown and matching pillow case.

And toiletries! 
I packed what I would normally pack for any trip, if I don't use it, I don't use it but normally these are the things I would need.
 photo null_zps76f3f108.jpg

My vitamins, hair ties, hair bands, hair clips, hair brush, chapstick, lotions (heard it helps during labor), whisps, hand sanitizers.
 photo null_zpse9199b6c.jpg

Tooth brush, tooth paste, flossers, tongue brush, cup, deodorant  mouth wash, shampoo and conditioner, shower cap, body wash, razor, soap, face wash, make up wipes, feminine wipes (would I use these after delivery I'm wondering?) and facial moisturizer.
 photo null_zps687dcf2f.jpg

Daddy's Hospital Bag
Currently he has his camera equipment, a special Daddy shirt I got him for the hospital and his toiletries. I had this bag embroidered for him because he didn't have one whenever we went to shows or races. Plus, I don't have a middle name so I'm a sucker for putting his three initials on....everything.
 photo null_zps47ef7eca.jpg

I also filled it with brand new travel items. His are pretty basic and less interesting - he's not giving birth - so I didn't take photos.
 photo null_zpsc6b3bff5.jpg

Last minute packing list
Here are the two lists I have sticking out of the diaper bag for when we have to go to the hospital since we use these things everyday
 photo null_zps49a5a925.jpg

& what Jimmy needs to grab
 photo null_zps50a0ff91.jpg

So that's about it. I think we are so ready to meet this guy!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pregnancy Week 38

Here we all are at 37 weeks and 6 days
 photo n6_zpsafa5e996.jpg

38 Week Updates:
- We finally installed our car seat base and figured out how to work it. Not that it was very difficult! We put the base in Jimmy's car because he has four doors and a big roomy back seat. Plus, I am not going to drive myself home from the hospital, so it makes sense to put the base in his car at least for now. I made a couple bad bass jokes to Jimmy. He hasn't quite gotten over it. HA HA.

- There's a lot of talk that before labor, the baby slows down, but bean is NOT. He is super active still. I hope that doesn't mean he will be in there longer! The other day it felt like he wasn't still for more than an hour combined!

- No more fruit cravings! Now my appetite has been kinda blah, can't decide what I want and I get hungry slower so by the time I realize I'm hungry I'm starving and nauseous. Very first trimester!

- I can't cross my legs anymore! Siting is so awkward! I made a joke that that's what got me into this mess to begin with. I thought it was funny......

- I had another OB appointment. It's pretty routine now and there have never been many 'updates'. People always ask me how my appointments go as if something would happen out of the ordinary, but they are incredibly routine and basic. I go in, they take my blood pressure and weight, I leave them a urine sample, she comes in and measures my fundal height and listens to the heartbeat and while this is going on I have my phone opened to notes and am asking whatever questions I have. I have been in and out of there in 15 minutes before. There's really never anything new, unless they were to find something wrong. I  don't really care to know and they don't mention numbers for my blood pressure, weight, heartbeat or fundal height.  At this visit we paid in full for his circumcision, which he will have done at the hospital when he is born and that was about it. I go back every week now and they will check for changes in my cervix next week.

- I feel him very very low. Tiny tiny movements and nudges against my bladder and what feels like a nerve that conects to my urethra that make me think I'm going to pee myself! Not often, but sometimes.  I feel like he will literally fall out, but then he comes back up to my right rib and causes major DRAGON THROAT! He just pushes everything up up up.

- I don't feel any bh contractions or anything unsual at all. I've been paying extra attention to every little pain or twinge. There were a couple days in a row where I had short moments where I thought I had period cramps. Still have two weeks until due date, so I'm not expecting anything but for him to be LATE!

- I've finished watching all the people I've been following's pregnancy vlogs, all my books are read and now I'm just rereading the highlighted parts in my breastfeeding guide. This time is so STALE! There's no more preparation to be done.

- Still swelling! I woke up the other night and my hands were so swollen and painful I couldnt open a water bottle. The extra water SUCKS!

- I've been telling Jimmy on most days that it could be the last day without Bean and without having to do diapers! I am pretty sure our due date will come and go but I can't help but wish he would come early!

- We finally had our maternity photos taken. Talk about waiting until the last minute! I was dreading it and hate my big fat cheeks and extra chin, but the photos came out amazing and we had a really fun time. I am playing with the idea of some hospital photos....

We hung curtains in our room finally! Bella ate my last ones and the new identical ones have been sitting for at least a year. Nothing special or exciting. Everything is all ready!

 photo 2f47ad06b76211e29f2e22000a1fb37d_6_zps4d19df68.jpg

Hospital Bags:
All packed! I have everything in a big suitcase and his diaper bag on top right by the door. Sticking out of his diaper bag is a last minute packing list that has everything else we need to grab like electronics and clothes.

 photo 72b2cf08b76211e28dc022000a1f8c21_6_zps9313cffe.jpg

Baby Buys:
Batteries for his swing and a tube of Vaseline for his circumcision. How boring! He has more than he needs at this point. I cant even go into the baby isles!

For a little head!
 photo fdd53deeb74b11e29ca422000a1fb149_6_zpsf88a4a63.jpg

Last week i meant to put a video of his hiccups, but I posted the one that was mostly little movements. Here's the one where you can clearly see his little baby hiccups